In GenSet we want to be transparent, showing you what we consider our home and introducing you to the people who work daily to support your growth. This is because we want to establish a relationship of mutual trust with you.

The goal of this photo gallery is to let you enter virtually in our company, inviting you to come and meet us in person in Villanova d’Ardenghi (Pavia).

Let's start with the commercial department where Marisa and Monica will carefully take care of your requests.

In the sales office Fabio and Massimo will quickly answer to your needs.

The purchasing office is the place where the components of our products are born. Roberto selects all the elements with the utmost care to offer you the best.

In the industrialization office, Mario optimizes the production processes by acting as a bridge between the technical department and the production.

In the production planning office Samantha and Lorenza optimize the workflow to offer you a precise and efficient service.

The quality department is Giuseppe’s reign where he meticulously checks the products developed for you, to ensure the compliance and the highest quality standards.

In the technical department, Sergio, Erica, Gazjan and Andrea design all the details to satisfy even the most advanced needs through cutting-edge solutions.

In the administration office, Paola daily checks our financial statements: only a solid company can be a reliable partner for your business.

In the production department, Vittorio, Sergio, Massimiliano, together with all our resources, bring everyday the experience, competence and passion that only the human being can add to our products.

Finally, there is the management board formed by Luigi (President) and Max (CEO). It is not a coincidence that we published these pictures at the bottom: we are convinced that, to be your ideal partner, first comes the team, and then, the ones who are able to manage it with their own skills.

Gen Set S.p.A.

Società a socio unico
Via Stazione, 5 - 27030
Villanova d’Ardenghi (PV)
C.F. 10211540157
P.IVA 01470510189