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Welding techniques: Carbon Arc Gouging (CAG) welding

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Welding techniques: Carbon Arc Gouging (CAG) welding

Our monthly column on welding is back. Today we are talking about CAG welding, also known as gouging.

How does it work?

CAG welding is an arc cutting process used to make grooves and recesses.

It creates an electric arc between the tip of a carbon electrode and the metal that needs to be welded. The electrode is coated with graphite and a copper layer to increase conductivity.

At these temperatures the metal melts and a high-speed jet of air is gusted along the electrode to remove the worked upon area, leaving a clean groove.

When to use Carbon Arc Gouging (CAG) welding?

The CAG process is particularly suitable for removing poorly executed welds and repairing cracks as there is no thickness limit.

Since carbon arc welding does not rely on oxidation, it can be applied to a wide range of metals.

However its versatility and speed results a generally wide and non-precision cut.

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