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Why does the hybrid light tower pay off?

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Why does the hybrid light tower pay off?

Our new LT 5000 SSH-Y and LT 7000 SSH-K hybrid lighting towers have been designed with innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

Quiet and compact, they are smaller and lighter than their non-hybrid equivalents and are ideal as environmentally friendly lighting solution on construction sites, emergency services, events and for use in urban areas.

The battery

The battery of the hybrid lighting towers is in the form of a rechargeable lithium battery, which ensures high-level performance. For instance:

• 8 hours and 45′ of continuous operation, on one hour’s charge, with 4 x 100 W lights.

• 83% reduced maintenance – from 12 to 2 – for 3000 hours of engine operation.

• 64% less expenditure on fuel and therefore on CO2 emissions.

When the battery is flat, the engine recharges it and powers the lamps at the same time. Once the battery is fully charged, the engine switches off automatically.


The new lighting towers have been designed with low voltage and a permanent magnet alternator (PMG) in order to be used safely even in a hazardous environment, such as the petrochemical industry or mines. The doors allow easy access for all operations, and the wind resistance is 80 km/h when opened.

For more information, take a look at our section dedicated to lighting towers. Browse through the categories to see the data sheets for each product and do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made consultation.