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The perfect welding gear

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The perfect welding gear

The perfect welding gear

Safety at work is of primary importance for all jobs, whether they are small maintenance or professional.

In particular, welders must be provided with basic PPE in order to protect all parts of the body from slag and welding fumes that may spread in the air.

Have you bought a GenSet welder and want to find out how to work safely? Here are the key tools to prevent accidents

-Protective masks: allow to protect different parts of the body from various harmful agents.

  • Eyes: thanks to screens, which include UV and IR filters, protective masks allow to limit the harmful rays to the eyes and eliminate the possibility of injury from contact with burning slag
  • Respiratory tract: thanks to special devices the masks permit to filter the welding fumes and grinding powders that are may be harmful
  • Hair, head and neck: often neglected, they could be hit by slag too. The best masks also provide protection for these areas.

-The protective suit: for welding it is necessary to use Flame-Retardant garments that allow an excellent mechanical resistance together with the contraction of flame

-Gloves: They are generally leather made and, according to the model, they permit a different sensitivity during welding. TIG welders prefer softer gloves that give greater hands’ sensitivity during processing. In general, it is always important to use gloves with long sleeves that don’t leave wrists exposed to radiation and welding spatters.

-Shoes: Welding shoes have different characteristics compared to classic work shoes. They are high to avoid welding splatters from falling inside. They have a large front tab that covers the entire laces to prevent them from burning. They can have, in addition, the metatarsal protection that is a foil placed over the instep that protects the welder from any falls of the products.

Good Job in safety!