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Safety at the centre: Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

Safety at the centre: Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

For us, at GenSet, safety is at the center of the design and manufacturing of our products. Electromagnetic Compatibility testing (EMC) ensures the quality and safety of our generators. These tests measure the electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility of our generators, ensuring they comply with industry regulations and standards.

Through EMC testing, we can identify and mitigate any potential electromagnetic interference issues that may arise in the field. This not only improves the reliability and performance of our products but also ensures they are safe for use in a variety of environments.

GenSet has invested in a leading company in the field that performs state-of-the-art EMC testing and employs highly qualified technicians to carry out these tests. At GenSet, we conduct EMC testing on our prototypes before they hit the market, and ensure they are performed with meticulous attention, even in the event of production changes.

In addition to EMC compatibility testing, we also conduct various safety tests at different stages of production, from the design phase to the final assembly phase. We regularly carry out sound tests to measure noise levels and test every machine we produce, ensuring all components work as expected and identifying any problems promptly during the process.

Understanding that our customers rely on our generators to power critical applications, we take the safety and reliability of our products very seriously, giving them the peace of mind to count on our products when it matters most.

In conclusion, our company is committed to using the latest technologies and best practices to ensure our products are safe. Through the use of Electromagnetic Compatibility testing, we are able to provide our customers with reliable, efficient, and safe generators for use in a wide range of applications.