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GENSET 4 BEES: bees and pollination: biodiversity superheroes and their unique honeys

In the context of our dedication to the safeguarding and enhancement of the world of bees with the “Genset 4 Bees” column, today we bring you to discover a lesser-known but incredibly fascinating aspect of the life of bees: their crucial role in pollination and how this affects the diversity of the types of honey we can enjoy. With the presence of beehives at Genset and our commitment to planting different types of flowers to enrich the bees’ habitat, we have the opportunity to closely observe these wonderful natural processes and actively contribute to their prosperity.


Great news at the Boot in Düsseldorf and the new partnership with Besenzoni

We are pleased to announce with great enthusiasm our participation in Boot Düsseldorf, one of the most anticipated nautical events of the year, taking place from January 20 to 28. Visit us at Stand 10C60 in Hall 10, where we look forward to sharing the latest developments and significant partnerships that promise to transform your boating experience.

This year, we are putting the spotlight on the GVi 13.5 LOW, VS 17.5 LOW, and VS 27 LOW models, part of our exclusive top-of-the-line variable speed range. Addictionally we feature the super-silent models GSi 4000 and IS 6.05i, both integral to our rich offering.


GENSET 4 BEES: Extraordinary Team Communication – Bees and the “Waggle Dance”

In our ongoing effort to safeguard bees at Genset, which we pursue through our GenSet 4 Bees program and the presence of beehives on the premises, today we are delighted to share with you a fascinating overview of one of the most extraordinary aspects of the bee world: the “Waggle Dance.”

Bees, with their incredible collective intelligence, offer us a unique opportunity to learn important lessons about team communication. One of the most remarkable aspects of this bee world is the “Waggle Dance”. This behavior goes beyond a simple dance and reveals crucial details about the location of food sources.


Gen Set brings professional welding equipment to the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair in Essen

Essen, Germany – Gen Set is excited to participate in the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair, scheduled from September 11th to 15th at the renowned exhibition center in Essen. The spotlight of our exhibition at booth 2D40 – hall 2 will be on our top-of-the-line engine driven welders designed for highly professional applications, accompanied by a range of accessories that optimize welding operations and many news.

Gen Set’s engine driven welders cover a wide range of power, from 150 to 800 Amps in direct current, offering versatility, reliability, and efficiency.READ MORE

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GENSET 4 BEES: not just honey, bees’ products

If you’ve followed our latest news you already know that bees play a crucial role in pollinating crops and maintaining biodiversity.

Today we want to talk about their products, with their wide range of uses that go beyond just culinary ones.


Discover our top-of-the-line marine range: GVi

In our range of marine products, the top-of-the-line is definitely the GVi series.

Thanks to our partnership with Mase Generators, we are now able to produce and offer one of the top-of-the-line products on the international market. In this article, we will explore together the characteristics that make it so.


Safety at the centre: Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

For us, at GenSet, safety is at the center of the design and manufacturing of our products. Electromagnetic Compatibility testing (EMC) ensures the quality and safety of our generators. These tests measure the electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility of our generators, ensuring they comply with industry regulations and standards.

Through EMC testing, we can identify and mitigate any potential electromagnetic interference issues that may arise in the field. This not only improves the reliability and performance of our products but also ensures they are safe for use in a variety of environments.


GenSet 4 Bees, bees and flowers

For today’s GenSet 4 Bees column we talk about bees and flowers!

Flowers have been captivating humans for centuries with their vibrant colors and delightful fragrances. However, the reason for this beauty is not just for us but mostly for crucial players in the ecosystem: pollinators, especially bees. READ MORE

GenSet 2023 starts with the Dusseldorf Boat Show

GenSet will present at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, from 21 to 29 January, some top models of the marine range at stand 10C55.

The generators on display are the result of an innovative design oriented towards the combination of high performance, compact design, comfort and ease of use.


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The perfect welding gear

The perfect welding gear

Safety at work is of primary importance for all jobs, whether they are small maintenance or professional.

In particular, welders must be provided with basic PPE in order to protect all parts of the body from slag and welding fumes that may spread in the air.

Have you bought a GenSet welder and want to find out how to work safely? Here are the key tools to prevent accidents