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Phishing attempt 01/12/2022

Early this morning 01/12/22 we noticed that unknown third parts were sending phishing emails pretending they were sent from one of our GenSet accounts, umbaldi@genset.it which is now temporarily disabled.

After a deep internal analysis of our servers we can formally exclude that those emails are coming from our servers.

How to recognize phishing emails:

  • Grammar errors and/or bad translations
  • Action request such as download attached files and or insert sensible data
  • Urgency

If you receive an e-mail from umbaldi@genset.it, please pay attention, do not click on any links and do not respond.

We are available for any doubts or clarifications through the GenSet social media and the number +39 0382 5091.

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The perfect welding gear

The perfect welding gear

Safety at work is of primary importance for all jobs, whether they are small maintenance or professional.

In particular, welders must be provided with basic PPE in order to protect all parts of the body from slag and welding fumes that may spread in the air.

Have you bought a GenSet welder and want to find out how to work safely? Here are the key tools to prevent accidents


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GenSet at Bauma 2022 with the new range of industrial generators

Genset will participate at the 33° edition of Bauma, World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment that will be held in Munich from 24 to 30 October 2022.

This year GenSet will present three flagship products that aim to bring together sustainability and efficiency at the stand 419, hall A6 of one of the most important global event of the sector that combines innovation and attention to the environment.


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Genset at the Cannes Yachting Festival

GenSet inaugurates the 2022 nautical season by participating at the Cannes Yachting Festival from 6 to 11 September. It is the largest event in the nautical sector in Europe born in 1977.

A unique moment of contact where, from the splendid bay of Cannes at stand Sail 122, GenSet will present three top models of the new range of generators for the marine world to an international audience.


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GenSet, Made In Italy at the Pipeline&Gas Expo

After two years of lockdown due to the pandemic, this year GenSet is back attending trade shows.

The first appointment is the Pipeline&Gas Expo, the first Italian exhibition and conference dedicated entirely to the Mid-Stream and Oil & Gas and Water distribution network. It will be held between 8 and 10 June 2022 in the Piacenza Expo spaces.



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Welding techniques: TIG welding

New year… new edition of our monthly column on welding!

Today we are talking about TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. A technique that is particularly suitable when a high level of aesthetics is required.


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Genset: security and innovation are tailor made

At Genset we work to meet the specific needs of our customers.

It is from this desire that the MPM 15/400 MSA 400 Ampere was born, an engine driven welder that meets specific requirements for safety and ease of transport.

This product is emblematic to our “tailor-made” approach. Our Research and Design team prioritise your needs, allowing them to create both unique and cutting-edge solutions for you.


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We are back with our monthly column about welding, which describes the main techniques, accessories and materials that you need to know in order to choose the best welding machine suited to your needs.

Today we are talking about MIG/MAG continuous wire welding.

This technique is based on the fusion of a welding wire, generally solid metal, through heat generated by the electric arc.