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New range SS-I

SERIE SS I ibrida genset we make power possible

New range SS-I

Innovation is our daily mission. Our goal is to offer highly technological solutions to support your business. We are therefore proud to present the new SS-I range.


MG 70 SS-I

MG 110 SS-I

MG 132 SS-I

We wish to develop a long lasting and reliable partnership with you and your company. Our SS-I units have an outstanding performance: durable and noiseless, they are equipped with two silencing devices as well as with soundproof panels. We plan to reduce noise pollution in order to create a better work environment.

Moreover, our units may be applied in several fields such as manufacturing, engineering and emergency.

Our range goes from 66 kVA to 132 kVA in order to offer you the ideal amount of power, which best suits your needs.

The core of our production has always been high quality engines, 4-cylinder FPT with the best power standards; diesel, 1500 rpm. We select our machines’ components with the utmost care to provide you with the best quality production.

But there is no power without control. In fact, each unit includes on-board logic and predisposition for operation in ATS or remote control.