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Genset at the Cannes Yachting Festival

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Genset at the Cannes Yachting Festival

GenSet inaugurates the 2022 nautical season by participating at the Cannes Yachting Festival from 6 to 11 September. It is the largest event in the nautical sector in Europe born in 1977.

A unique moment of contact where, from the splendid bay of Cannes at stand Sail 122, GenSet will present three top models of the new range of generators for the marine world to an international audience.

The characteristics of the marine GenSet range

Cutting-edge technologies, compact structure with a simple and functional design, silence, ease of installation and high performance allow the GenSet marine generators to put innovative products “in the water” to meet the needs of those who go to sea for passion or profession, with an eye on the environment.

The models displayed will be the GSi 8.5 K, the GSi 4000i and the GSi 6000i. Three products that share excellent characteristics including:

• The double anti-vibration system, which reduces the level of vibrations from the engine / alternator unit towards the frame and absorbs residual micro vibrations originating between the generator frame and the boat.

• Closed-cycle cooling inside the case by means of a water / air exchanger that reduces vibrations and noise, ensuring ZERO derating up to a sea water temperature of 31 degrees.

• The soundproof case made of extremely light painted marine aluminum with very high resistance to external agents.

The products on display

The GSi 8.5 K is the newcomer to the GenSet marine range. With a power of 7 kW, it is equipped with a 1500 rpm Kubota engine and on-board control logic for monitoring the main parameters of the generator.

The strengths of this model are the extreme silence, only 49 dBA at 7 meters, the easy access for maintenance and an extremely compact structure to reduce the footprint.

The GSi 4000i and GSi 6000i models are the result of an innovative design aimed at reducing the environmental impact: they are in fact highly performing and efficient thanks to the combination of permanent magnet alternator and conversion inverter.

The inverter guarantees a safe product, avoiding the circulation outside the group of large cables with high voltages.

It also allows the parallel coupling of two groups of the same model, offering the possibility of synchronizing two machines in a simple and practical way.


By connecting the inverters of the two generators via a simple cable, the latter synchronize automatically multiplying the power in a single power supply line, simplifying the on-board systems. This solution offers at the same time great energy savings and the possibility of high loads, in other words greater efficiency for greater savings.

Finally, the permanent magnet alternator is particularly compact, designed precisely to reduce the size and weight of the machine with the same performance.

Are you curious and want to know more?

Download the technical datasheets of our generators at the following links:

Or take a look at our marine catalog.

It will also be a pleasure to welcome you to our stand Sail 122.

To reach us follow the instructions on the Cannes Yachting Festival site and for any other information do not hesitate to contact us.