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Generating set, which one to choose?

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Generating set, which one to choose?

Generators are an indispensable solution for having electrical energy readily available at all times, especially in emergency situations or in places where there is no power source.

Here is a practical guide which includes the main characteristics to consider when choosing the most suitable product for your needs.

1. Rated electrical power

This is measured in Watt and depends on the amount of energy required by the equipment to be powered and its inrush coefficient, i.e. the maximum peak current it can absorb.

The calculation is very simple: the power required must be multiplied by the inrush coefficient, the result is the minimum power of the generator to be purchased.

It is also necessary to assess the type of output voltage of the equipment to be connected, which may be single-phase or three-phase.

2. The engine

Generators with petrol engines are usually space-saving and quiet and deliver up to 12 kW of maximum power. They are an ideal choice in homes, small workshops and on boats.

Diesel-powered generators are more powerful and suitable for long-term and intensive use, are ideal for the construction and industrial sectors.

3. Operating autonomy

It is important to choose a generator with a fuel tank capacity suitable for the type of use and working hours. To obtain more operating autonomy it is possible to opt for models with an increased fuel tank.

4. The noise level

The structure of the next-gen generators is equipped with efficient vibration damping systems and soundproofing panels which, with the same power, make it possible to obtain a lower acoustic impact.

Silenced or super-silenced models are preferred in all environments where noise cannot be tolerated, especially in built-up areas.

5. Mobility

Generating sets can be:

Portable – lightweight and easily transportable.

Mobile – equipped with trolleys and/or handles.

Transportable– can be moved using forklift trucks.

Stationary – designed not to be moved after installation.

For more information, take a look at our wide range of generating sets. Browse through the categories to see the data sheets of each product and do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made consultation.