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Gen Set brings professional welding equipment to the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair in Essen

Gen Set brings professional welding equipment to the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair in Essen

Essen, Germany – Gen Set is excited to participate in the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair, scheduled from September 11th to 15th at the renowned exhibition center in Essen. The spotlight of our exhibition at booth 2D40 – hall 2 will be on our top-of-the-line engine driven welders designed for highly professional applications, accompanied by a range of accessories that optimize welding operations and many news.

Gen Set’s engine driven welders cover a wide range of power, from 150 to 800 Amps in direct current, offering versatility, reliability, and efficiency.

They are also distinguished by their ability to weld and generate power simultaneously, thanks to the use of the Asynchronous Alternator, which ensures maximum control and sensitivity for the welder.

The models exhibited
  1. MPM 10/250 SRi is a New entry in Gen Set’s lineup: a compact and lightweight solution ideal for emergency interventions and high-precision welding tasks. Its Inverter and AVR ensure a stable welding current, resulting in increased efficiency and lower energy consumption compared to traditional engine driven welders. Click here to download the product’s technical data sheet.


  1. MPM 15/400 IK has long been Gen Set’s best seller, recognized by all as an “All Weather” engine-driven welder with a “400 Amp” power class, capable of adapting to all welding needs due to its unique features like the Gen Set Asynchronous alternator, Total control welding process, TIG and MIG (CC/CV) options and simultaneous welding and power generation among others. Click here to download the product technical data sheet.


  1. MPM 500 Y, an heavy-duty engine driven welder in the “500 Amp” power class, designed to work in extreme conditions, from deserts to swamps, to meet the needs of users in Pipelines and Heavy construction. The excellent auxiliary power quality allows it to power even sophisticated equipment, such as inverters and battery chargers. Driven by Yanmar diesel engine can generate at 50 or 60 Hz, thanks to the selector on the control panel, available full power CAG (Carbon Arc Gouging); TIG and MIG (CC/CV) as option. Click here to download the product technical data sheet.


  1. Weldbaby 180 is a compact and lightweight engine driven welder, easy portable. Honda engine, PMG alternator and Inverter technology as option. Its compact design make it an unique engine driven welder, perfect for small maintenance jobs. Click here to download the product technical data sheet.

Gen Set will show an extensive selection of accessories tailored for the welding industry too. These accessories have been meticulously crafted and curated to elevate the professional experience and promote a safer work environment, such as the Polarity switch module and the Parallel welding module (Parallel Box), the Remote control and much more. Click here to download the welding accessories technical data sheet.

We invite all welding fans and professionals to visit our booth 2D40 – hall 2 at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Fair. Come, see and touch with your hands our products and the latest innovations. We look forward to welcoming you.