Mase Generators is a leader company in the field of generating sets and offer a large range of products with powers from 1 kW for portable small generator up to 1600 kVA for special applications.

  The Finstone Group is a global and vertically integrated dimensional stone company. Finstone has expanded over the last 12 years from its roots as a quarrier of dimensional granite in South Africa to emerge today as one of the world's largest dimensional stone companies...
  The goal of the Sarnico group is to realize yacht to high range for its quality, conforts and performances. This group has twenty years of experience and starting from 2007 groups  Cantieri di Sarnico Spa and Giacomo Colombo Spa.
  Colombo is an historic brand with timeless characteristics.  Our intent is to create boats that withstand time in term of quality and style. Craftsmanshipt and elegance come together in the pursuit of perfection boats of Cantiere Nautico Colombo, historic shipyard founded in 1956.
  Stone Connection is one ot the major international distributors of natural stone slabs and products, with branches in South Africa, the United States of Amercia, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Australia and now Switzerland. As part of the Luxembourg-based Finstone Group's world -wide operations...
  For over 40 years, Jcoplastic holds a leading position in the field of industrial design and manufacturing of plastic containers.